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The following is how to build your login script. Remember that the UNC path is \\computername\folder\file and edit if necessary. The :: are the rems and can be deleted at anytime!

::rcordner-server is the server USE THIS

::rcpc is the client DO NOT USE

::next to the -goto- means to go to the next variable with the colen

::Make sure that to uncheck the inherridence in groups.

::Make sure groups (as well as the administrators) have access under -member of-

net use s: "\\rcordner-server\commons"

if not exist "\\rcordner-server\commons\test.txt" goto next

start notepad "\\rcordner-server\commons\test.txt"


ifmember sales

if not errorlevel 1 goto human

net use t: "\\rcordner-server\sales folder"


ifmember "human resources"

if not errorlevel 1 goto end

net use t: "\\rcordner-server\hr folder"